a popup village

by rryrry / Harry Perry



An album about the strength within despair and how futility is not an option.



released November 27, 2015

Harry Perry : All instruments, All production, All composition.



all rights reserved


rryrry / Harry Perry London, UK

rryrry / Harry Perry is the free toy in the cereal box of stale modern music. That cereal will digest and turn to waste; but that toy, that stupid little toy. Hours of fun.

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Track Name: Little Insignificant
Watching polling shift from left to right / oh such a thankless task,
The past seemed far more simple, far more nuanced / one vote for the future possibilities.

Funny how I'm wasting all my time / there's no point building up,
The shift in policy to cater for the vocal middle class / though so few of them against all of us.

This is a fear so weak and contrived / go vote you peasant,
Lest the flood of immigration... / God I switched off long ago!
The numbers simply don't add up.

You pithy luddite peddle / fear as it's the only weapon that you have / subjugate / put us in our place / keep the lid on tight / think for us / tell us we're weak / tell us we're wrong / strip us from our basic instincts of calm reflection.

All of the sides they want to talk for me / turning my voice into knives intent on lacerate / go against all that is hope / all that is dream / I live for hope / there's always hope / it isn't lost.

There's hope when you need it / I hope you know it.
Track Name: He Lies
I didn't lie.
Track Name: Inline
Who could blame me coming on time for you.

It is all I wanted / It is everything I knew it to be.

And we're standing inline out in the rain / And we're standing in line nothing to say / And we're standing inline waiting to stray / And I'm standing inline why don't you stay.
Track Name: Young Puritans
These new young puritans are fading us out / in the long run now that we're dumbed.

This precious misplaced faith / lord I know when I'm right / in the long run from the back of my tongue.

Take the knife and pull and shout / you answer me now / take a bow, take a bow, lay your head down / in the long run with the click of a gun the ignorant run and run and run and hey!

But these new young puritans / fair, baby play fair / in the long run now I'm shouting for fun, and run, and run.


"You must certainly become my wife, whomever you may be! Thus the great king Santanu spake upon the goddess Ganga, who stood before him in human form. Intoxicating his senses with her superhuman loveliness."

Hold me / as if my eyes were but pearls / I'm the rock in your world / your my boy I'm your girl.

Hold me / and like a moth to the flame / you hit me time and again / echo pleasure with pain.

Hold me.