I want & the me culture

by rryrry / Harry Perry

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An album about the choices we make and how we deal with the repercussions.



released August 13, 2014

Harry Perry : All instruments, All production, All composition (unless noted)

Alice Perry : Vocals on Track 5

William Bembridge : Lyrics on Track 3

David Nash: Lyrics on Bonus track.



all rights reserved


rryrry / Harry Perry London, UK

rryrry / Harry Perry is the free toy in the cereal box of stale modern music. That cereal will digest and turn to waste; but that toy, that stupid little toy. Hours of fun.

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Track Name: The Good Life
So warm / from the flames of my older songs burning.
So tired / all my choices are are on the pyre burning / burning away.

Kissing the flames
And over the top, run from it.

The choice of desire denied
The fire caught up.

I've a good life.

The fire, denied.
The fire, old times.

I've had a good life.
Track Name: This is the Salon
Sunday implied that the pathway inside of me past with the tide.
Staff days are kind to me, kind to me. Side glance, kiss, live, part, survive.
As I look back now there's little to alter in mind.
Fulbright in time, in time, in time, it's time that we start to sublime.

This is the Salon. This is the break that we sorely need.
This is the Salon. This is a chance that we can believe in.
This is the Salon. These are the roots of a living steel.
This is the Salon. These are our hopes and our dreams and everything inbetween.
Track Name: Horror Express
I hear your voice on every passing train.
The rumbling of the tracks; a sound that never wanes.
I catch your eye in a passing glance.
A memory from the past conveys a missed romance.
Track Name: Salad Heart
Got a little Salad Heart / got a little Swede.
Holding out my broken parts / studying it's need.
Got a little Salad heart / feeling tired but clean.

They say love is just a word
And life is all you need.
But some good advice for you;
Don't leave.
Track Name: Knowledge, all the knowledge.
Confront my death in the face,
- Dear boy, you are disgraced.
Too innocently,
- Taking two to the bed irregardlessly led.
Love irrespective of place,
- Dear boy, you are replaced.
It happens like this;
- Throw away all the threads of connectivity.

Knowledge, all this knowledge can't help you.

Warm hands fall over my eyes,
- Dear boy, a droll mistake.
We don't circulate,
- Dear boy, consider. Consider how we apply knowledge.

All this knowledge. All this knowledge fraught and true.
Knowledge, all this knowledge. All this knowledge can't help you.
Keep stealing knowledge. All this knowledge. All this knowledge is for you.